Iconic Artworx - There Really Is No Other Choices.

Iconic Artworx - There Really Is No Other Choices.

Iconic Artworx - There Really Is No Other Choices.Iconic Artworx - There Really Is No Other Choices.Iconic Artworx - There Really Is No Other Choices.

Appraisals - Authentications - Auctions - Restorations & Because Nobody's Going To Tell You What You Have Unless You Ask.

About Us

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           We offer any, and all imagined, business related endeavors that surround the world of fine art,

auctions and collectible's universe including: Our mission is to assist our clients in understanding

the value their art and assets bring to their estate for both short term and long term investment

gains and growth. Why wait until you are dead to see a profit from your hard work when you can make a fortune and retire before you even finish college.

           We represent artists, authors, musicians, actors, painters, sculptors, educators, curators, photographers, producers, film makers, and more, if you can imagine it? We can create an event

around it, and. We are not you average-dusty-old-oil-painting-paddle-auction get down, by any

means of the terminology. We are recreating the language around fine art by making it accessible

so anyone that can view this website can also purchase a Picasso or Basquiat, but also privately

sell their collections too. Whether there's been a death, or a need to reinvent one's self and relocate

for a new job or a breath of fresh air. We are not your grandfather's art dealer. We are the

redefinition of the definition.

What We Can Do For You


We are a full service one stop shop meaning that we service both sides of the coin. Here are some of the professional services that we offer for both the buyer and the seller.

  • Appraisals
  • Authentications
  • Cleaning
  • Restorations
  • Auctions
  • Consignments
  • Representation
  • Management
  • Design Work
  • Promoting
  • Events
  • Estate Sales
  • Consultations

About Us...


Everything you have ever wanted from a Fine Art Dealer and Gallery without actually having to go to the gallery. This year we are featuring the oil paintings and mixed media art of William J. Verdult, "The Dutch Master". It's been said that Verdult lived a life that Van Gough would have traded an ear for. Verdult was falsely imprisoned, then exonerated - To date he is the only American artist (that comes to mind) that had the Government, along with the FBI, interested enough - beyond their day to day shakedowns - to deem it necessary to place a decade long lien on his work. Thus making it illegal to buy and or sell any of Verdult's art for slightly over a decade. Until that supreme court ruling was overturned a few years back making it once again 'safe' to buy Verdult's art.

The Courtesans By William J. Verdult

Check out this great video. From the fine art dealer Iconic Artworx and learn the value in art art for sale.

Why A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (Bucks).

We are a fine art dealer and feature art for sale, appraise, and authenticate the value of your art. Which includes great photographers and great photography from around the world  and through-ought history.

Barne's And Noble's Book Obsessed

Check out this great video from the Fine Art Dealer Iconic Artworx to understand the value of Antiquarian Books and Ephemera along with Film Memorabilia

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We are an online Entity, but We meet up with clients by scheduled appointments only, so call first!

Keep in mind that we are a fine art dealer. For press inquiries or private viewings, auctions, art for sale, appraisals (to learn the value in art), authentications, restorations of oil paintings, sculptures, mixed media or any of our other fine art gallery pieces and displays, please send us a message. We will get back to you soon.



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09:00 am – 11:45 pm


09:00 am – 11:45 pm


Kiss The Night By Horus8 & The Werewolves